At Info Data we run parallel testing on all of our websites and applications, to ensure that we catch all errors.

The first testing stage is when the project moves from production to our internal test servers where is it internally tested by people who have not been involved in the development of the project or “fresh eyes” as we call them! These users create an initial snag list of some of the more obvious bugs in the system and usability of the various elements of the solution. This first snag list is then addressed by the development and design team and then the project moves to the second test stage.
The second test stage involves release the website in a secure live “test” environment for the client  to use and review the website as a whole and all associated applications such as content management,extranet functionality, intranet, functionality, eCommerce functionality, user management models etc.
This provides our client to draw up a second snag list of bugs and minor modifications required before the site is suitable for live release.
Once this second snag list has been completed and signed off, the site is put into deployment.