In the concept phase, a multitude of ideas are generated and considered by our design team. The team then shortlist a number of ideas and developed them into potential concepts. Our designers ask the right questions upfront at the design workshop which minimises the time required to lead the team to conceptual design solutions and ultimately the delivered initial website concept.
The Info Data culture promotes design creativity and our approach to web design has creativity intrinsically built into everything we do.

Deliverables for the Concept Phase include:

  • Homepage & Inner Concept
  • Website Navigation

Exquisite Website Design

Once we have delivered the initial concept, we discuss how we can further improve our designs. This is a fully rounded process that draws  heavily on your opinions of the initial concepts. We then enter the refinement phase constantly attempting to improve on design excellence.
Our dedication to pushing the design boundaries and continuous improvement ensures that your website is a reflection of you and your company that you can be proud of. Upon completion of the design phase you will be required to provide all content for the new website.